Friday, June 27, 2008

Bike 2 Benefits

Metro Transit has a program called Bike2Benefits where you can register and track your commute. By entering your mileage it keeps a running total of estimated cost savings, CO2 reduced and air quality pollution reduced.

One curious thing I've noticed is that it doesn't include how much you save in bus fare in the tally! So far I've saved $24 more than they claim!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Recycling Plastic

Most curbside recycling programs in the metro will only take plastic bottles marked with resin code 1 or 2 and "have a neck." I've found this to be a relatively small amount of my recycling. For better or for worse, I go through a lot more sour cream than I do bottled water.

Here are some resources for recycling other types of plastic not usually picked up by curbside recycling:

Plastic Nursery Pots can be dropped off at these local garden centers between April 15th & November 1st.

Plastic Bag collections at local grocery stores sponsored by Minnesota Waste Wise.

Plastics #1 - #6 at the Coon Rapids Recycling Center. You have to sort them yourself, but it's most likely the only place in town to recycle all those plastics not picked up curbside.

NEW: Eastside Co-op is now a pilot program for a city of Minneapolis expanded plastic recycling.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Midwest Renewable Energy Association's Energy Fair

Welcome to Minnecology!

This weekend is 19th Annual MREA Energy Fair. The Energy Fair is being held June 20th through the 22nd at MREA's headquarters, the ReNew the Earth Institute, located in Custer, Wisconsin, and features hundreds of workshops and exhibits all emphasizing clean energy & sustainable living. In 2007, the Energy Fair hosted 19,500 attendees. This is the real deal, hippies! Don't miss it.

Further information is located on the MREA website.